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The Hague

High-end living and dining

High-end living and dining

The townhouse purchased by our client was in fantastic condition but two things were needed. The house needed aesthetic improvements such as painting, floors and stairs. But the biggest challenge was the kitchen which had absolutely no connection to the living room.

To come up with a dream kitchen, we suggested architectural firm The Way We Build. Together, Arjen and Farah designed the dream kitchen and the entire interior of the ground floor.

To implement the designs, a breakthrough from living room to kitchen was needed. A major structural intervention. Our structural engineer calculated various possibilities so that we could create an optimal space where the best design could come into its own.

Of course, the steel construction was fully fireproofed and made completely ready for finishing. We carried out all installation work for the new kitchen and installations. The parquet floor was supplemented to the former kitchen and the entire space was finished with natural (so-called invisible) finishes.

After this, interior designer Wood Creations installed the custom-made kitchen. To preserve the open and light structure, we installed steel doors with full glass from floor to ceiling.