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Sustainable living

Sustainability means making well-considered choices as you move towards a high-quality living environment. 

We help you make those choices. We are constantly working on finding the best methods and materials to suit your sustainable needs.

Do you dream of a comfortable and energy-efficient house, but want to keep the authentic look? We are at your service with professional advice and a strategic step-by-step plan. You can expect us to come up with solutions that guarantee both the quality and character of your home.

I didn't know sustainability could be so beautiful

Renovate while maintaining character

The unique characteristics of your property are leading for us. These have proven their worth over time and are often a crucial part of the choice for your current home or workplace. The improvements we make will always respect and, if possible, even accentuate these features.

As our customer, you will naturally also benefit from lower energy bills and a solid foundation for future maintenance. That is why we also focus on comfort-enhancing and sustainable innovations.

Cooperation in specialisms

When we renovate, we want to use only the best methods and materials. This involves many specialisms. That is why we work with a network of subcontractors and suppliers to always have an expert team ready. This team is coordinated by us and consists of recognised installers, construction specialists, painters and plasterers.

For us, it is crucial that all these professionals share our vision of renovation and approach their work with fun and positivity. Our customers appreciate seeing familiar faces and must be able to count on accurate execution of the work. After all, trust is the foundation.

Renovation of staircase

Our own sustainability

We also take sustainable steps in our own operations every day. Our office uses a heat pump for heating and we have solar panels powering our electric vehicle fleet. We aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels by choosing bio-based and circular materials.